Woman in Jaipur gives birth to five babies, one infant dead

The Hush  Post | 7:10 pm | One-minute read

A woman gave birth to five babies in a hospital in Jaipur on Saturday. But sadly, one of the infants was declared born dead and another one was kept on the ventilator.

Lata Rajoria, Superintendent of Janana hospital reportedly said, “Ruksana, 25 was admitted in the hospital on Friday night with labour pain. She gave birth to five premature babies. One of the infant boys was born dead.”

Two girls and two boys are kept under observation. All of the newborns were underweight.

The hospital authorities said that this was one of the rare cases. But in medical history, such cases have happened earlier also. There have been cases where four, five and even nine newborns have been delivered.


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