Woman Journalist molested, assaulted in Chandigarh

woman journalist molested
The Hush Post| 11:48 pm |one-minute-read|
A 45-year-old journalist (woman) was chased, molested and assaulted in the forest area near PN Mehra Botanical Garden in Panjab University (PU) on Monday.
The victim was on her routine morning walk. The suspect, who is in his 40s vanished from the spot after the incident. Police said that the victim said that she would be able to identify him if he is produced before her. A sketch is being made of the accused following the descriptions of the victim.
The incident took place around 7.15 am.
The victim reported to police that she had spotted the accused man in the Botanical Garden about two days back also. She reported about it two days back as well, the man had enquired and thought either she was a student or hosteler, and she replied that she stayed in the PU campus.
Police has filed a case of stalking, molestation and assault.
The victim is working with an esteemed English news publication. Her husband is a formerĀ  journalist.


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