Woman posing as a beggar has billions in bank account

The Hush Post | 6:45 pm | One-minute read |

A Lebanese woman posing as a beggar has been found to have billions in her bank account. The incident has been reported from Sidon city in Lebanon.

The authorities at Jammal Trust Bank (JTB) were shocked to discover that the beggar woman had 1.33 billion Lebanese pounds (6.37 crores) in her bank account. The woman had accumulated this amount by simply begging in the city.

The woman has been identified as Wafa Mohammad. Her story has gone viral over the internet ever since.

Reports say Wafa Mohammad had been begging outside a popular hospital in Sidon for the past 10 years. Nobody ever imagined that she would be having this much money.

The news surfaced after the shutdown of Jammal Trust Bank (JTB) following a request by the US Treasury.

The US has accused JTB of supporting the financial activities of militant group Hezbollah. Lebanon’s Central Bank had then assured JTB’s customers that their deposits were safe and guaranteed.

On Wednesday afternoon, a photo of two cheques issued by the Lebanese Central Bank and bearing the name of Wafaa Mohammad Awad surfaced on social media. The issued cheques carried amounts of LBP750,000,000 and LBP589,000,000.

The photo confirmed that Wafa was, in fact, a ‘billionaire’.


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