Woman seeks divorce because husband stinks, doesn’t take bath

Woman seeks divorce for uncleanliness

The Hush Post| 11:24 am |one-minute-read|

A 20-year-old woman wants to divorce her husband because he stinks.

This woman from Patna says her husband doesn’t take a bath, shave or brush his teeth regularly.

The woman claims that her husband stinks and doesn’t follow proper etiquettes.

The state women’s commission (SWC) has asked the man to act on her wife’s complaints in two months. Else the commission will take appropriate action, reported a leading daily.

In her petition, the woman has said that she got married to her husband in 2017. “My husband stinks as he won’t shave and bathe for nearly 10 days at stretch. Moreover, he doesn’t brush his teeth. He also doesn’t have manners and follow etiquettes,” alleged the woman.

SWC member Pratima Sinha, overseeing the petition told the paper, “I was taken aback by her silly reasons cited for seeking divorce.” Pratima said that the petitioner approached the commission seeking divorce on Thursday.

According to Pratima, the petitioner was sure that she wanted a divorce. She said that the couldn’t handle the humiliation anymore. The woman pleaded, “I don’t want to live with my husband anymore. Kindly get me rid of this man (her husband); he has ruined my life.”

The husband, Manish when contacted by the paper said that he wants to live with her and will change his behaviour.

The SWC member tried to convince the couple to not end their marriage, she has allotted two months’ time to the man to improve his behaviour.

The woman also asked her husband to return the jewellery and other valuables given in marriage by her father. She further said that their relationship as husband and wife is not cordial. They have no children and the marriage is ‘worthless’.



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