Childless woman says husband could not impregnate her for 4 yrs now wants his medical checkup or else she will separate

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A woman in Uttar Pradesh has sought the medical test of her husband, the result of which will decide the future of her marriage. The news has been reported from Majhola police station area in Moradabad district. The woman has put a condition that that if her husband is found ‘fit’ in the medical certificate, she will return to her in-laws or will get separated.

The woman is married to a man for four years. She told the police that even after four years of marriage, she is childless. The lady has blamed her husband for her misfortune, stating that he always refuses for a treatment whenever asked for.

As per news reports, the woman has approached the SSP of the area and leveled allegations against her in-laws. She has alleged that her in-laws torture her and forcibly send her to her maternal home. The SSP forwarded her case to the Nari Utthan Kendra, where counselors are dealing with her case now.

Counselor MP Singh said since the woman has no children even after four years of marriage, she wants to get separated from her husband. While the man claims to be ‘fit’, the woman doesn’t believe her. Counselor Singh has now asked the man to get his medical checkup done.

Meanwhile, the woman has insisted that she wants the test to be conducted in front of her. The couple has agreed for the same.

Singh told reporters that if the man is found ‘fit’ in the test, the couple will continue to be together or they will separate.

The man works in a private company and resides in Delhi, while the woman lives in Moradabad. For now, the two have agreed to live together in Delhi.


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