Woman forced to do sit-ups as punishment, loses foetus

Woman loses foetus

The Hush Post|18:00 pm|2-min-read

An 18-year-old woman allegedly lost her foetus after she was forced to do sit-ups. The incident took place when a two-month pregnant woman was beaten up in a kangaroo court at a village near the industrial town of Haldia in Bengal.

The court was confused in deciding on how the woman should be punished for ‘bringing disrepute’ to the village as she had married a man of her choice.

According to the mother of the victim, “They got married three months ago. We accepted it after initial resistance, but the village elders could not.”

The mother of the victim lodged the complaint. In her complaint, she mentioned the names of five accused including Sheikh Rabiul Mullick, village headman, and Sheikh Ashraf Ali, secretary of the village and three witnesses.

“She was directed to do 25 sit-ups. But after about nine sit-ups she lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Mullick and Ali asked three persons to beat her up and they rained blows on her and kicked her in the stomach.” They also snatched a 12 gram gold chain which she was wearing, the mother said.

After the torture, the woman was rushed to Haldia sub divisional hospital where she suffered terrible pain in the lower abdomen. “She also lost the foetus,” the complainant wrote. The victim is still in the hospital. “I have deposited all medical records of the hospital with my complaint,” the mother said.

The police officials said, “We have received a complaint. We are probing the allegations at the spot. All the accused named in the complaint have fled.”

“It’s a serious allegation. I have asked the police to take prompt action,” said Sanjay Sikdar, block development officer.


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