Woman stripped, hair chopped off on suspicion of having affair with nephew

The Hush Post | 5:25 pm | One-minute read

A woman from Dengodih village of Jharkhand was reportedly stripped and her hair was chopped off on suspicion of her having a relationship with her nephew.

The village panchayat came up with this decision of punishment on August 21, a day after the woman had filed a complaint against her 22-year-old nephew. According to a news report, the woman accused her nephew of taking advantage of her in her husband’s absence. She also said that her nephew blackmailed her.

But when the matter came before the villagers, her nephew put the blame on her and reportedly said that the woman lured him into a relationship.

After this, the woman was reportedly dragged out of her house and was brought before the village panchayat. The panchayat then gave the orders to strip the woman. Surprisingly, most of the members of the panchayat were women.

M Tamil Vanjan, Koderma Superintendent of Police said, “11 accused have been identified and a case has been registered against them. No person has been arrested so far. An investigation is underway.”


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