Woman suspects husband to be in illicit relationship; sets ablaze his girlfriend, son

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A woman in Rajasthan’s Bhartpur locked her doctor husband’s girlfriend in her house and set it ablaze. The woman and her 6-year-old son were charred to the death in the incident. The accused, herself a doctor, suspected her husband to be in an illicit relationship with the deceased woman.

The police have booked the woman doctor, her husband and her mother. The police have arrested the three.

25 year old Deepa Gurjar, a divorcee, had come to live in Bharatpur’s posh Surya City colony with her son Surya. Deepa rented out Dr. Sudeep’s house and in due course of time, the two allegedly entered into an illicit relationship. Meanwhile, Dr. Sudeep’s wife, Dr. Seema Gupta had grown suspicious of the affair.

According to the police, Seema was ready to go to any extent to get rid of Deepa.  She collected spirit in a cold drink bottle from her home and went to Deepa’s house. Seema’s mother accompanied her. She locked the mother-son duo inside and set the house on fire. The fire brigade doused out the fire only to recover the charred bodies from inside.

Seema told police that she had warned Deepa to stay away from her husband. But Deepa refused to do so.

Police say, Dr. Seema was shocked to see Deepa and her son screaming and running inside the house. She was the one who called the fire brigade from her phone. “I tried to unbolt the door, but I got afraid. Till then the fire had engulfed the house and I could do little. I just wanted to threaten her by showing a trailer, but had never expected that things will go out of control”, said Seema.


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