Woman thrashed badly by husband for asking money to buy shampoo

The Hush Post | 14:15 | One-minute read

A man in Ahmedabad thrashed his wife badly just because she had asked some money to buy shampoo. The 42-year-old woman filed a complaint against her husband on Sunday.

In her complaint she stated that her husband had pulled her hair, banged her head against a wall and beat her up badly. The victim said, “On Sunday morning when my husband was at home and I asked for some money to buy shampoo he got angry and started abusing me. When I tried to pacify him, he suddenly pulled my hair and banged my head on a wall.”

The victim further added that since the beginning of their married life, her husband has been beating her up on petty issues. They have been married for 15 years.

The victim kept quiet for long for the future of their two children. On Sunday, the woman felt all limits had been crossed when her husband pulled her hair and banged her head on wall. Then she decided to file a complaint against her husband who is a clerk in Western Railways.

The police has filed an FIR.



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