World’s first baby ‘bottles’ discovered; were used to feed tots over 3,000 years ago

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Scientists have discovered the world’s first baby ‘bottles’ that were used to feed tots over 3,000 years ago. The vessels date from 1,200 BC to 450 BC. The beakers are made of ceramic and had residues in them.

According to experts, people used these baby ‘bottles’ to feed them animal milk. The three beakers have been found in kids’ graves in Bavaria, Germany.

Analysis of the residues in the three ceramic beakers revealed children had milk from domesticated cattle, sheep or goats.

The University of Bristol researchers say the vessels’ design, contents and where they were found confirm they were used for weaning babies.

They are usually small enough to fit within a baby’s hands and have a spout through which liquid could be suckled.

This is the first such evidence which confirms that ancient tots had milk in the equivalent of bottles.

Clay feeding vessels first appeared around 5,000BC. They had spouts and some even have feet and are shaped like imaginary animals.

Researchers say the animal milk may have given babies a valuable source of extra nutrition but carried health risks.

The unpasteurised milk and beakers themselves are feared to have been carriers of deadly bacteria.


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