World’s shortest marriage: Bride divorces groom barely three minutes after marriage

The Hush Post | 9:15 pm | One-minute read

A bride in Kuwait divorced her bridegroom barely three minutes after marriage. This is now being touted as the world’s shortest-lived marriage.

Media reports say that the couple had visited a marriage court to tie the nuptial knot. And while they were just about to complete the process, the girl slipped and fell on the floor. The bridegroom was quick to react and termed her ‘stupid’.

Offended, the girl went on to sign the documents. Barely three minutes into marriage, the bride, still offended, called it off. She asked the judge to nullify the marriage there and then.

The news report has spread like wild fire on social media. Majority of the social media users have come in support of the woman, sympathizing with her. The woman is correct and has taken the correct decision, said the people.

One of the users on Twitter said that if a man behaves like this on the very first day of marriage, he deserves to be kicked aside. Another user said that if there is no mutual respect, the marriage fails at the very beginning.


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