World’s smelliest fruit sells for Rs 71000, smells like stinky socks

The Hush Post | 6:15 pm | One-minute read

World’s smelliest fruit, Durian, has lit up the social media. The fruit is mainly known for its pungent smell which has been compared to stinky socks and sometimes sewage.

Looking somewhat like a sea urchin, durian is a unique tropical fruit mainly found in South Asian countries.

Durian is known as ‘King of Fruits’ in South Asia and people love its creamy texture despite its foul smell. Two Durians were recently sold for an astonishing $1000 (Rs 71,141) each in Indonesia.

Ever since, the news has taken social media by the storm. People have been uploading selfies and videos with the Durian on social media.

The fruit is generally sold for a few dollars, but the ones sold for $1000 were of the “J-Queen” brand, which are very expensive.

The durians were wrapped in a satin cloth and displayed inside a clear case at an Indonesian supermarket in Tasikmalaya city in West Java province.

Reports say that the man who bought the durian pair has kept his identity a secret.


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