JNU Prof of Life Sciences had discussed anatomy of female body with his victim and said “You have nice b***s, maintain your l***r part”

Accused of making vulgar remarks against female students and sexually harassing them, JNU professor Atul Johri granted bail

The Hush Post, New Delhi: A day after he was granted bail by a Delhi court, students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students on Wednesday held protest against one of their professors Atul Johri who has been accused of making vulgar remarks against female students and sexually harassing them. The JNU students demanded the university to suspend Johri and ban his entry in the JNU campus.

JNU campus
JNU campus. Photo courtesy Zee Business

Prof Johri had been booked on the charges of allegedly molesting some female students and making lewd remarks against them. A First Information Report (FIR) has been registered against him on these allegations. A group of female students have levelled these allegations against the accused Prof Atul Johri of School of Life Sciences (SLS). There are allegations of financial irregularities also against the accused professor.

But, the accused professor has denied the allegations saying that as he was being targeted as he a staunch supporter of the compulsory attendance move initiated by the JNU administration.

During a press conference held on the JNU campus recently, female students of the SLS said in a written statement that the professor often makes lewd remarks, open demands for sex and comments on the figure of almost every girl and if a girl objects, he holds a grudge against her, they said in the statement, Zee News reported on Friday.

In another statement issued by the protesting students alleged a financial nexus between the professor and the JNU administration, the report said.

Similarly, a female student, who went missing from JNU campus and was then traced to her relative’s house, had reportedly also sent an e-mail to the professor in which she said that she was leaving the prestigious university as she was tired of the professor’s alleged sexual misconduct, the report stated.

Here goes the complete unedited statement (posted by India Today) before the police by one of the victims of Atul Johri:-

“Prof Atul Johari is my supervisor. When I joined Atul Johari’s lab in 2013, he appeared more than required friendly. He once asked me if I have any boy friend and if I have, then do I have any physical relationship with him.

He once told me a joke like, “shivji ne Parthavi se bola mujhe who (vagina) chahiye.” He used keep sharing such jokes. He used to ask me to come to his office room to discuss work. When I used to go there, he used to make me sit on a sofa besides him rather on the table and chair. While sitting beside me on a sofa, he used to inapproachably touch my back and shoulders, always without my permission.

This was always sexually intentioned and made me feel uncomfortable. In 2014, inside his chambers, when I went to ask for my synopsis, he told me “You have nice boobs (breast). Please maintain your lower part unlike many other girls who do not and look ugly.”

When I resisted him on all such statements, he said “come on you an adult”. These statements were always unwelcome and very embarrassing. When I shared this with my lab mates, and he got to know about the fact that I was informing other women students about his unwelcome acts, he became vindictive towards me.

He made the work environment hostile for me, stopped giving any attention to my work and delayed all my academic assignments. Then when I tried to change my lab, I was not supported in my department. I asked the Dean to change my supervisor and informed that I was sexually harassed. Since, I could not change my lab, I had no choice but to continue under him.

In January 2017, I sent the manuscript of my research paper to him but till date he had not responded. Whenever, a girl denies sexual favour to him or, like my case, resist his unwelcome actions, he delays the academic publications of the girl, as was my case. I am extremely depressed, and worried, because I have to submit my thesis in July. I till date did not report it since I did not received any conducive response from my rest of the department and always worried regarding the completion of my PhD. But I have always felt very vulnerable in his presence and his sexually intentioned statements and actions have always made me very uncomfortable.

Several times, Atul Johri’s wife had come to the lab and requested us to not stay in lab after 6 pm or not to engage with sir for any academic activities. Due to the fear that my professional and academic life, would be disturbed, I did not file any complaint against Atul Johri.

However, after reading today’s news and after knowing what he has done to other students from my centre, I decided to file complaint. I would request that strict action should be taken against Mr Johri.”


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